Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Swimming Abandoned at Grange-over-Sands

Frozen Water at Grange-Over-Sands' Abandoned Lido
Part of a the Flickr set 'Swimming Abandoned in Grange-Over_Sands'

Some pictures from a badly timed and under-prepared visit to a freezing cold Grange-Over-Sands! (Where swimming has been largely abandoned).

The title shot above is from part of the frozen and abandoned coastal lido.

The site, formerly a filtered sea water outdoor swimming pool or lido, was constructed in 1932, but has been closed since 1993.

Looking down the tracks at Grange.

Formerly a model boat pool, now empty.

The tree-lined approach along the Esplanade towards the old lido.

Left of centre is the derelict entrance building and changing rooms. Far left, against the sea wall is the diving platform, where waves once broke alongside scores of swimmers.

Close up of the remains of two of the diving boards, the water below, partly frozen. A number of these diving boards were removed in stages prior to the pool's closure, for safety reasons.

The Esplanade side of the pool, with depth markings visible.

A view of the diving board and elevated walkway.

The mini pool at the side.

Cold, sad and strewn with debris.

An eerie depth sign still peers up from beneath the freezing waters.

No change.

View across the boating pool to sea.

No time for swimming.

Directly opposite the derelict lido, just across the Esplanade, lies the indoor pool, built to replace it. Located uphill and across the railway track, the award-winning glass-fronted building afforded swimmers a view past the old site, right out into Morecambe bay.

Despite prestigious accolades for it's architecture and design, the pool closed in 2006, just three years after opening.

Boarded up and secured with metal sheeting, the abandoned building looms ominously over the crumbling wreck of the lido a few feet below on the seafront.

Both are soon to demolished and redeveloped, hopefully breathing much needed new life into this end of the Esplanade.

Below is an approximation of provisional plans for the future of the site.

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